Saturday, 6 June 2009

Fight disability prejudice

I'm sure everyone knows this link by now, but thanks to Clair Lewis, a Manchester disability activist who set up this group to support great friend and collaborator Cerrie Burnell:

Cerrie narrated my award winning film 'When the Telescope Came' and is one of the bravest, most inspirational and - not forgetting - actually downright hilarious people you could ever have the privilege to know or work with.
I hope c**ts like this spend everyday being weighed down by their hearts of stone:

"What ever next! Will I be paying my licence fee to watch someone without any legs! Or will they be scaring my kids with someone with absolutely no limbs whatsoever! That'll give them nice DREAMS won't it! Give me my money back BBC and Pull your socks right up!!"
Lionel Candsworth, London, UK, 

Here is Cerrie having to discuss comments like this at 8o'clock in the morning on BBC Breakfast News:

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