Monday, 15 February 2010

Open Studios Berlin

Takt opens it doors this Sunday for open studios - 1 Grunberger Strasse, Friedrischain, 3 - 8pm

Monday, 8 February 2010

InCounter, Berlin

New experimental short Snowflake will be showing at the Berlin InCounter event which showcases live sound and video work - 5th March @ HBC Berlin, 8pm

YARN festival of story and storytelling

The Loss is screening at the YARN festival celebrating story and storytelling on 21st February in the Bedtime Stories programme, The Book Club, London. Details at
'A beautiful programme of short films, each with story at their heart. Grab a pint, get comfy, and release your imagination from the everyday to the extraordinary.'

Berlin Directors Lounge screening

On Miles Platting Station is being screened as part of the Zebra programme at the Directors Lounge festival of contemporary art and film, Berlin, 8pm, 19th February. Directors Lounge organizes screenings of short, experimental works from many different genresDetails at: